About The Company

The Nickel Ride provides convenient, community-minded, and sustainable transportation for locals and visitors in Southwest Florida and aims to revolutionize the way people experience Downtown Fort Myers, South Cape Coral, and beyond.

What Is The Nickel Ride?

Launched in 2017, The Nickel Ride is an innovative leader in urban mobility that transports individuals from Point A to Point B at no cost, allowing the public to enjoy the unique shops, restaurants, entertainment, historic charm, and attractions of Downtown Fort Myers and South Cape Coral. With a large team with over 20 years of combined experience in technology, marketing, and communication, The Nickel Ride concept provides communities with a safe and reliable rideshare solution with a focus on eco-friendliness and supporting the local economy.

How Much Does The Nickel Ride Cost?

Using on-vehicle advertisements as the primary source of revenue, every trip on The Nickel Ride is 100 percent free.

How To Catch A Ride

Hail or schedule a ride, tip your driver, and learn more about the company’s business partners using the official Nickel Ride Mobile app.

Our Sustainable Fleet

The Nickel Ride is composed of several GEM electric cars, one of the first all-electric drive cars available. Because the GEM is an electric car, there are zero emissions released during the operation of the vehicle. Produced 100 percent in the United States, GEM cars can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour and meet all U.S. federal safety standards for low-speed vehicles.

Becoming A Nickel Ride Partner

Local businesses, organizations, and attractions are vital to the success of The Nickel Ride.  Our electric vehicles provide an ideal platform for advertising and targeted marketing opportunities. We are prepared to create engaging advertisements inside and outside the vehicle, including interactive ads on The Nickel Ride TV, which is continuously playing during each ride. Learn more about partnering with us here.


Judah Longreer, Founder and CEO


The Nickel Ride was founded by Judah Longreer in 2017 to provide Southwest Florida with an efficient, environmentally-conscious, and innovative rideshare service to benefit residents, tourists, businesses, and the regions they occupy

Judah is a graduate of West Virginia University, where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations. At 19, he demonstrated his entrepreneurial flair when he acquired a failing a coffee shop franchise. After two years of maintaining positive cash-flow throughout the life of the venture, he sold the business and moved his skills to the corporate market.

Judah later gained several years of experience winning new customer accounts in fast-paced sales and leading technology sector organizations such as Salesforce, Gartner, NetApp PepsiCo, and Five-hour Energy.

Judah has now turned his attention to The Nickel Ride Full time and is on a mission to combine his expertise in marketing, public relations and customer acquisition to work side by side with his team, local government organizations, and businesses to bring The Nickel Ride to the forefront of the rideshare industry.

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