Meet the Team Behind The Nickel Ride

Judah Longgrear

Founder & CEO

The Nickel Ride was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Judah Longgrear. Longgrear has an undergraduate degree in public relations and worked for several years in the technology industry, where he gained experience winning new customer accounts in the fast-paced sales and leading technology sector with organizations such as Salesforce, Gartner, NetApp, PepsiCo, and Five-hour Energy. The Nickel Ride reflects Longgrear’s passion for marketing, public relations, and customer acquisition to develop a truly unique service company that will benefit residents, tourists, businesses, and the towns they occupy. Under Longgrear’s vision, he and his team are working with local governments and businesses’ to bring The Nickel Ride to the forefront of the rideshare industry.

Tristan Turner

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Tristan is the Partner & Chief Strategy Officer and is responsible for assisting with the overall strategic direction at The Nickel Ride. Tristan joined The Nickel Ride in late 2017 after falling in love with Judah Longgrear’s innovative rideshare vision. He works closely with Longgrear to define The Nickel Ride’s long and short-term goals, expand its reach to additional cities, and better serve the community. While at university, Tristan studied a wide breadth of subjects including business, finance, engineering, and technology, ultimately graduating with a degree in engineering from Rutgers University. Following university, Tristan worked primarily in sales, both in the finance and technology sectors, while at the same time he began to research and make early stage investments in up-and-coming technology companies. Emboldened by these companies’ entrepreneurship and success, Tristan left the corporate world to help foster the growth of similar entrepreneurial and innovative ideas. To date, The Nickel Ride remains his most exciting venture yet and he looks forward to continuing to contribute his talents to its vision and future success.

Shawn O'Brien

Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Operations

Shawn O’Brien is the Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Operations and is responsible for all marketing, media relations, and operational strategies at The Nickel Ride. Prior to joining The Nickel Ride, Shawn held various global and domestic marketing leadership roles at prominent companies, such as Scandit, NaviNet, IDG Enterprises, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. His determination to be the best he could be allowed him to quickly work his way up the corporate ladder. However, after spending nearly a decade in the corporate environment, he decided it was time to pursue a career path with more meaning for himself and is now following his true passion of being an entrepreneur. Shawn’s enthusiasm for success and his burning desire to build something of significance that gives back to the world makes him the perfect fit for a community-driven company like The Nickel Ride. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Shawn in person he’s one of the best guys to grab a beer with and talk about anything you want.

Matthew Scanio

Director of Sales

Matthew Scanio is the Director of Sales and is responsible for all business development, account management, and sales strategies at The Nickel Ride. Prior to joining The Nickel Ride, Matthew navigated the sales cycles of large enterprise companies, such as Gartner, Intuit, and Oracle. In his seven years in Sales, he quickly gained the reputation of a professional that stands out from his peers most notably because of his dedication to provide nothing short of excellence when it comes to meeting the needs of his customers. He’s unlike many sales professionals, in that his primary goal isn’t to just land the deal, but rather to land the person because he recognizes the value in building truly authentic relationships with his customer so both parties benefit mutually. Matthew’s desire to move away from the “big sales” and focus on serving the needs of smaller establishments makes him exactly the kind of team member we need for a company focused on growing local communities and businesses. It’s only a matter of time before you cross paths with Matthew and we can say with all sincerity that his call or email is one that you’ll want to answer if you’re looking for a refreshing conversation that will undoubtedly help your business.

Natalia Harvey

Office Manager

Natalia Harvey is the Office Manager for The Nickel Ride and simply put, she is the glue that helps keep the company organized. Prior to joining The Nickel Ride, Natalia has been an integral part of other organizations, such as Heart, Body & Mind Home Care, The Rocket Lounge, and Greencastle Inc. Natalia Harvey’s passion for startups and innovative companies can be traced back to her days where she started and managed two of her own businesses in Northern Virginia and Southwest Florida. Her can-do attitude, optimistic approach to every situation, desire to help at any moment, and ability to learn on the fly make her an indispensable asset to the team. Natalia is the type of colleague that exudes charisma and positivity, which is refreshing in a fast-paced startup environment. When you begin your journey with The Nickel Ride you will most certainly cross paths with Natalia in one way or another. Whether it’s at your community’s chamber meeting or during one of your local public events, she will be there with all smiles ready to get to know you.