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The Nickel Ride Attends FCCMA 2018 Annual Conference As Platinum Sponsor

May 30, 2018 The Nickel Ride

The Nickel Ride, an innovative and eco-friendly transportation service that connects your community with local commerce, today announced its attendance at the Florida City and County Management Association’s (FCCMA) 2018 Annual Conference being held at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. The FCCMA’s 2018 Annual Conference attracts city and county managers, assistant managers, and department heads from around the state to three and a half days of seminars and networking with colleagues. It’s a wonderful opportunity for companies to showcase new products and services to these important decision-makers.

So, what exactly is The Nickel Ride? It’s an innovative transportation service that changes the way visitors and community members experience your city. The company elevates local brands and generates market awareness by providing unique and free transportation experiences to visitors and residents alike. The Nickel Ride vehicles are tastefully decorated with local business-branded messages, both inside and out. Inside, there is space for branding and giveaways for spreading businesses’ messages to captive targeted audiences. Outside, it’s like having a mobile advertisement driving throughout the heart of your downtown community. Community members from Fort Myers, FL and Cape Coral, FL are already experiencing the benefits of The Nickel Ride and Punta Gorda is just a day away, scheduled for a May 31 launch.

The Nickel Ride is listed as a Platinum Sponsor at the FCCMA 2018 Annual Conference and there will be two company representatives available for questioning and scheduling meetings at the event. These representatives will be The Nickel Ride’s Director of Sales & Business Community Relations and the Director of Government Relations, Zeke Jackson.

Zeke Jackson currently handles Government Relations for The Nickel Ride. Zeke holds a Master’s in Public Administration and has served as a City Manager in communities in the Southeast and Midwest. Zeke has an extensive background in economic development, rural transportation systems, and local government management. Zeke has served on the Board of Directors for several entities, including the Pitt County NC Soil and Water Conservation District, the Door County WI, Economic Development Corporation, the Wayne County NC Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RPO), the Door County Scenic Byways Commission, and the Door County WI Tourism Zone Commission. Zeke was also the principal staff person in charge of Development of the Sister Bay Trolley System in Wisconsin.

For any city representatives looking to schedule a meeting to learn more about how The Nickel Ride can help their community, feel free to direct all inquiries to zeke@thenickelride.co.

The Nickel Ride team will be making their way around the exhibit hall throughout the entirety of the event so we welcome all those in attendance to take some time to speak with our representatives to learn how you can bring The Nickel Ride model to your location.

About The Nickel Ride
Launched in 2017, The Nickel Ride was founded by a team dedicated to developing an eco-friendly transportation service to support local communities while also supporting local businesses. The management team brings over 20 years of combined experience and success from the technology, marketing, advertising, and communication industries. In less than a year’s time, The Nickel Ride has become a leader in urban mobility. Today, The Nickel Ride is quickly becoming a must-have attraction in communities that recognize the benefit this innovative transportation service brings to its community members and visiting tourists. The Nickel Ride’s mission is to be the leading provider in offering free community-based ridesharing services throughout the nation. The Nickel Ride hopes to inspire people to refrain from using automobiles and other forms of carbon-emitting transportation to travel within their local communities. By leveraging The Nickel Ride, people can do their part to help reduce their carbon footprint, reduce traffic congestion in high-density downtown areas, and support local commerce.

Media & PR Contact
Shawn O’Brien
Chief Marketing Officer
The Nickel Ride