A new, eco-friendly, fun and Free taxi service

Fort Myers, Florida: The Nickel Ride has come to town. For residents and visitors of downtown historic Fort Myers, and with fun in mind, these six seat, Polaris Gem 6 electrictronic vehicles are free to ride to the public. We don’t have drivers. We have “Brand Ambassadors” drive the carts because they’re here to entertain and give out free swag from local businesses supporting the program. It’s all in an effort to make it easier and fun to get around. Our eco-friendly, safe vehicles, buzz around town, back and forth, with up to 5 passengers at a time, so you don’t have to drive in your car. Our cars top speed is just 35 miles per hour, so sit back and relax while enjoying the scenery.


The Nickel Ride has joined an elite group of free taxi services all over the country. Monikered “South Florida’s Newest Attraction”, it’s not just a free taxi, not just a ride up the street, it’s a place to go to be entertained and get free stuff. Who doesn’t want a free ride and free stuff?


To summon a ride you can either flag down The Nickel Ride, or download and use the free app on your phone or android. The app is easy to download from thenickelride.co website where you can read all about the program.Directions on how to use the app and area served as well as other useful, related information can be found there.


The revitalized historic downtown district in Fort Myers is a group of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, hotels and other forms of entertaining businesses. Parking is difficult enough to locate on the ancient narrow streets, so having a taxi service to get individuals from one point to another was just easier then installing moving sidewalks. The Nickel Ride is the taxi needed, but just free to use.


  • The Nickel Ride is free to use in Historic Downtown Fort Myers
  • The app is free to download and use on your smartphone or android
  • Up to 5 passengers can ride at a time on these Polaris Gem 6 electric vehicles
  • Enjoy interacting with Brand Ambassadors playing games and getting swag on your ride
  • Visitors and residents can get to see the area for free with a knowledgeable Brand Ambassador showing them all the sites


About The Nickel Ride: The Nickel Ride is a young company with an enthusiastic team of individuals, working to raise local business traffic without increasing downtown congestion. Parking in Historic Fort Myers is not only limited, but it can be difficult. Maneuvering between one point of interest to another in narrow lanes affects traffic flow. Walking is ideal, but the area is 2 ½ miles long and a little over a mile wide. The Nickel Ride makes it possible to roam around the area. The Free service of The Nickel Ride makes time spent there enjoyable. The taxi concept is not new, even the use of electric vehicles is not, but involving mainly local businesses to the benefit of local residents and visitors, is. That’s what The Nickel Ride is all about.